We are a small team working on spare time. Some of us are professionals, some of us students and some of us don't work in the game industry. We are not a company but a group of enthusiasts.

Should you need to contact us, send an email to admin@deepvoid.eu.

DeepVoid was made by...

ARBONA Gwennaël Project leader & Programmer
REMONDIN Bertrand Lead artist, 3D Environment artist, Level designer, Web
JOUGLET Charly Music and Sound designer
LEONARD Carlos 3D Weapons & Environment artist
WISSANG Yann 3D Environment artist
FOUQUE Frédéric
3D Environment artist
3D Environment artist
CALON Mathilde
3D Environment artist
PAYEN Julien 3D Environment artist
PLANCHENOT Willy 3D Environment artist
CAPUTI Stephane 3D Character artist
LAMOTTE Etienne Level designer
DUPRE Mathieu Programmer
LI Guangda Concept Artist
DEMODE Alexandre

They helped us

DUPUY Quentin Concept artist                                                                          
MARTIN Alexandre 3D artist
DESAUNAY Florian 3D artist
CRESPIN Sebastien 3D artist