DeepVoid features open-source content, published under various free licences by the team. We want to publish most of the game's source code, as well as custom built tools, to help other teams build their game.
You can check out our work on GitHub.

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Repository URL
DeepVoid (High-level source, UnrealScript)
Gwennaël ARBONA
DVCore (Core classes, UnrealScript)ël ARBONA
Generic (3D interface system, UnrealScript) Gwennaël ARBONA
UnrealUpdater (Game update system, C++)
Gwennaël ARBONA
MasterServerBridge (Client authentication service, C)ël ARBONA
GridMap (Level design tool, Python)
Gwennaël ARBONA
Trumbowyg (Website text editor, Javascript)
Alexandre DEMODE