DeepVoid source code is released

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13,000 lines of open source

Ever wanted to take a look at a game's code ? Working on your own shooter on UDK ? You will like this : most of our source code is being released under the permissive LGPL license. We encourage UDK enthusiasts to check it out and see what we do.

DeepVoid is being developed as an open game with documentation, available source code, technical articles about how we are working. Publishing the source is something we wanted to do for a long time !

Right now, 80% of our source code is released. The upper layer of the game's code is still under heavy development and is technically less relevant ; it will be published as well as soon as we can.

Development news

If you just discovered DeepVoid, here is our last technology demo. This real-time video is a work in progress, showcasing our artistic direction. Hit the HD button and enjoy !

We are working on a large CTF level with a complex gameplay, featuring numerous escape routes, high vantage points, hidden tunnels in an orbital space station. This level will be the first complete multiplayer level we build.  Here is a concept art we made for it...

The game itself is still a work in progress. We now have a complete, secure statistics server that can tell you how much bullets you fire, what weapon you use and how effective you are. We will also provide player ranking, server browsing and more !


What is DeepVoid ?

DeepVoid is a free FPS game. It will be released this year and features a fast, hardcore gameplay. This is a game meant for gaming enthusiasts, earning us a selection in the Top 100 of IndieDB's Indie Of The Year 2012 !

How can I get the code ?

You can visit our open-source page here. The code is published on GitHub and will be kept synchronized with our development computers. Every update we make is available at once.

What technology are you using ?

We work with the UDK from Epic Games. It's a very powerful engine. Our code is mainly written using UnrealScript, but you will find native modules in it for some parts that could not be part of the engine's user code.

Can I contribute to the code ?

Shortly put : no. We are keeping control of what's being done and we won't accept external contributions for now. This policy may change when the game is complete and published.

Can I help DeepVoid ?

Yes you can ! If you are an experienced 3D artist, you can apply to help us. We are looking for talented people who want to build a great game, share their passion and knowledge.

If you are a gamer, you can still help by talking about us, sharing news and media.

Can I rebuild the code and make a copy of DeepVoid ?

No, because the released code is just one part of the game. We are not publishing the content, UDK configuration and build system right now, since the game is just not done. We are still working very hard to complete it.

In the upcoming months, we will also release various game elements :

  • Our master server software, to which every client is connected. Written in Python, it handles information about game servers and players, such as accuracy, shots fired, team kills, etc.
  • The last UnrealScript module, in which the gameplay details are defined.