DeepVoid is released !

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 First release

After months in development, we are proud to give you our game, DeepVoid. It is a fast multiplayer FPS with a focus on gameplay and graphics.

DeepVoid is available for free (no microtransactions, no DLC, no paying content of any sort) and the code is available for UDK enthusiasts wishing to build mods. We are working on other levels, and we plan on making a SDK available as well.

You can get DeepVoid right here .

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DeepVoid released on July 27th !

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We are happy to announce that DeepVoid will be released next month, on July 27th, after 15 months in development.  

Some of our recent updates include :

  • dedicated servers ;
  • a brand new menu ;
  • an updated main menu with more settings ;
  • a working master server for multiplayer ;
  • lots of issues have been fixed as well.

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DeepVoid tryouts

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DeepVoid is being tested right now as a private beta version. We managed to get two 16 slots server full, and before we throw in some videos, here are the shots !

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